Want to Safely Wander Outdoors? Biking May Be the Best Option

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Outdoor Adventure, Travel

To be outdoors on a beautiful day is one of the best experiences you can have in this world. To simply be surrounded by the grandeur of nature’s creation can provide healing that no indoor therapy sessions can beat. It will certainly be a treat to your overall well-being to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Yet COVID-19 happened and suddenly going out is not as easy nor as spontaneous as before. With limited transportation and the need to maintain social distancing, many are turning to the well-loved sport of biking for a safe way to enjoy the outdoors.

Why is biking gaining popularity during this pandemic?

According to reports, bicycle sales increased more than 100% in March 2020 as compared to the year before that. Most probably, people who used to bike found reasons to rekindle their passion and those who have never biked scrambled to get into the sport.

The biking surge during the pandemic is not that hard to explain. It is a quick and economical way to go places without relying on mass transit. Unlike when you are using cars or motorcycles, riding on a bike can already double as a form of exercise. However, since biking while outdoors does not guarantee immunity from the virus, here are some safety rules to remember:

Reminders for Safe Biking

Do not go too far

Using your bike to visit far areas or sites outside your community exposes you to more places and people. So to be on the safe side, it is better to stick to locations within your community. Following this rule may even lead to discovery of breathtaking destinations near you.

Be informed

The pandemic gave rise to many new policies, and that likely includes the biking industry. Stay well-informed by keeping up with the news. This will allow you to know the situation in your community as well as other areas. Different States may have unique policies so do your research and know rules in the area you will visit.

Bring new normal essentials

Along with usual biking gear, there are items that you cannot afford to forget nowadays. Minimize risk of catching or spreading disease by bringing sanitizers, alcohol, or wipes. It is also good to be ready with face masks, hand gloves, and face shields. You may also want to bring in snacks and water with you while biking so you do not have to search for stores to buy in case you get hungry or thirsty.

Limit group biking

For now, say no to group biking with strangers or even friends who reside in a different household.  You may feel a bit sad but you have to forgo the joy of biking with company for now. Remember that one way to fight Covid-19 is limiting contact with others. So if you wish to bike with someone, the best option is to include bikers from your own household.

Avoid risky biking

Bikers can challenge themselves by choosing risky trails or paths. Yet since the pandemic is not yet over, you may want to hold your adventures for the meantime. The whole healthcare industry has their hands full at the moment so avoiding activities that can get you hurt or injured is already a great help.

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