Want to be Stress-free? You Need to Stop These Habits

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Public Speaking

Do you feel like stress follows you everywhere you go? You probably started thinking that you just happen to be someone who is prone to it. That maybe you are just not as fortunate as some people who never seem to get stressed out. If you are so worn out by stress that your mind is already entertaining these thoughts, you may have to think again. This is because stress is rarely due to luck or fate. Rather, it is mostly a result of how you choose to respond to worrisome or scary situations. Thus, you may need to examine yourself. You may just discover that it is your own actions and decisions that are causing stress in your life. To enjoy a stress-free life, you may have to make changes in your habits and lifestyle. The following are some things you may have to stop doing:

Stop doing everything by yourself.

You may be slumped with tasks at home, work, or school but no one said you have to do everything by yourself. It is never a sign of weakness to ask for help if it seems like you have too much on your plate. Mothers who are overwhelmed with household chores can reach out to other members of the family. In the office, a boss with a long list of things to do can lighten the workload by delegating tasks. A little help can go a long way so do not hesitate to seek assistance when you need to.

Stop saying yes to please.

You may have the best intentions but your wish to please everyone can bring unnecessary stress into your life. First of all, it is impossible to please everyone all the time so do not feel bad to say no to a favor or an invitation if it is inconvenient for you to say yes.  Thinking carefully before saying yes can spare you the burden of doing things you do not enjoy.

Stop neglecting health.

You need to be physically strong to fulfill your duties and withstand challenges. Do yourself a big favor by making it a priority to stay in excellent physical health. This will entail not depriving yourself of sleep or rest if you need to. While working on tasks, it is not wise to munch on unhealthy snacks and drinks because. Staying up too late and loading up on junk foods make it more difficult for you to stay calm and collected amidst stressful situations. So start eating healthy, get enough rest, and do regular exercise.

Stop overworking.

Are you slumped with too much work that keeps on piling up? Maybe you are biting off more than you can chew by accepting more responsibilities than you can handle. Do not bring yourself to the brink of exhaustion by setting limits on the amount of work you do. Minimize working overtime because you also need to rest and unwind after a day’s job. It is also a bad idea to keep on bringing work to do at home because you should allot personal time to your loved ones.

Stop hanging out with negative people.

If you are doing your best to avoid stress but still end up with the unpleasant emotion, you may need to take a close look at the company you keep. Studies show that the people around us affect us more than we think so stay away from negative people. It can also help if you will avoid people who keep on bringing you down with constant criticisms. Instead, hang out more with a person who inspires and guides you to the right path.

There is no magic pill that can give you immunity from stress.  However, with good habits and the right mindset, you can look forward to having a stress-free life.