The Building Blocks That Define an Empire

For decades, Bill and Sandy Hawkins have overseen their own destiny. Through hard work and devotion, they built an empire that will remain for years to come, but it wasn’t always a walk in the park. They both came from humble beginnings and fought to achieve their success. Their story exemplifies the culture they have crafted and the values that define who they are and what they stand for. 

Humble Beginnings

Bill Hawkins grew up in a Minneapolis suburb as part of an upper-middle-class family. His family always told him he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up. And like most kids whose parents tell them to reach for the stars, Bill believed them. 

He knew that in order to get what he wanted in life, education had to be part of his plan. Thus, Bill attended college in northern Minnesota, where he met his future wife and business partner, Sandy. 

Although their core values and beliefs were in line with one another, Bill and Sandy weren’t totally in-sync in every way. Sandy was quiet and shy, and Bill was—and still is—the life of the party. He loves to crack jokes and he never shies away from striking up a conversation with a stranger. Bill knows that strangers are just friends you haven’t formally met yet. 

Marriage and Family

When Bill met Sandy, everything seemed to fall into place. Bill’s warmth and outgoing personality instantly attracted Sandy to him, and Sandy’s demure sweetness drew Bill in the first time he met her. Their courtship perfectly exemplified the old cliché, “opposites attract.” After a little over 2 years, Bill asked Sandy to be his wife—and she gladly accepted.  

Today they are still as united as ever and continue to work as a team. Early on in their marriage, Bill worked hard days as an English teacher at a local high school. They both knew that their big dreams were not attainable on a teacher’s salary, but instead of giving up on those dreams, they found a way to achieve them.  

But their greatest achievement? Raising two amazing daughters together. Thanks to their unique career choices, Bill and Sandy have been able to spend far more time with their children. Above all else, they feel blessed to have grown their business and their family together without sacrificing in either area, and through hard work and dedication they have built a legacy to pass along to future generations. 

Leading by Example

Bill will be the first to tell you that the best way to inspire change is to work for it yourself. Show the world how it’s done, and work toward building up those around you. The results will be significant. Good leaders know how to achieve greatness, but the best leaders show you how to do it. Bill and Sandy choose to lead from behind so that they can celebrate the success of others as well as themselves. 

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