The Power of Empowering Others

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Leadership

A magical thing happens when we learn to empower each other rather than compete with one another. Progress comes easier and life gets a little bit better for everyone. And the best part is, all it really takes is a kind word, encouragement, or a listening ear. In short, empowering others is really easy … and it’s something we should all do more often! 

In this competitive world we live in, we challenge you to learn to support one another, celebrate each other, and help others succeed. Above everything, realize that there’s space for us all to win. Keep reading for some tips on empowering the people in your life! 

Offer support.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to point out the things that people are doing wrong? “She talks too much.” “He’s always running late.” “She doesn’t do this the way that would do it.” If only it were as easy for us to offer each other praise for accomplishments as it is to judge others’ faults. 

It’s time to break this habit. Rather than pointing out the things that someone is doing wrong, try clapping when they do things right. In doing so, you may realize that they start to do a lot less of those things that would generally annoy you. That’s the power of empowerment … supporting someone in one area helps them to improve in all the others! 

Give responsibility.

If you’re in a leadership position, it’s often hard to relinquish control. However, there’s no better way to empower others than to give them responsibilities that make them feel important! This is easier said than done, so here are some tidbits that might help you delegate: 

  • Make a fear list. What’s making you nervous about giving up control?
  • Work on building trustworthy relationships.
  • Be kind and supportive as others take on new responsibilities.
  • Focus on other tasks that need your attention.

Don’t let delegating tasks to others hurt your pride. Look at this as your opportunity to become a mentor and help those around you grow to reach their potential!

Ask for input.

Want to know another thing that makes people feel really important? Asking them for their opinion! Not only do you end up with some new ideas, but it’ll make them feel like what they have to say matters. After all, there’s nothing better than having your opinion validated, right? 

It’s the same deal when you go to someone for advice or feedback on a project. By bringing others in and collaborating with them, you’re giving them a chance to share their thoughts. Talk about empowering! Check out this article for some info on how the most successful people ask for advice.

Help them discover their strengths.

There’s no better confidence boost than knowing what you’re good at. Alternatively, there’s nothing that makes you feel worse about yourself than believing you have absolutely no strengths. That’s why it’s important to make it your mission to help people discover their talents whenever you can! Take a look at this article for some ways you can boost others’ confidence. 

Once people have discovered their strengths, it’s likely that they’ll feel more empowered to use them to better themselves and the world around them. This whole process starts with someone being the spark of inspiration that leads them to their passions … and that person could be you

We can all do a better job of helping to empower the people around us. And in the process, we end up bettering ourselves, too. 

Empowering others is easier when you’ve built a strong inner circle. Check out our blog post for some tips!