Three Ways to Be Adventurous at Home

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Outdoor Adventure, Travel

When you hear the word adventure, you probably imagine backpacking through Europe, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or deep-sea diving in the Egyptian Red Sea. But adventure can happen anywhere – even in your own backyard. Being adventurous means you’re willing to take a risk, no matter how small. Here are three ways you can be adventurous at home.

  1. Try Again

We’ve all given up on a skill or home project that didn’t hold our interest or turned out to be too difficult. Now is the perfect time to revisit it. Start by exploring what originally caused you to throw in the towel. Were the instructions too complicated? Were you distracted? Did you need a mentor? Tackle whatever problem made your first attempts fruitless. This time, set yourself up for success. Get the help you need, spend time practicing, and don’t accept failure as an option. When you finally accomplish your goal, take pride in your courage to overcome. 

  1. Try That One Thing

Another way to be adventurous is to try “that one thing”. You know, the thing you’ve always put on the back burner because of life’s responsibilities, previous time commitments or fear of failure. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak fluent French or play the harmonica. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of building a coffee table from scratch. No matter how big or small the challenge may be, indulge your adventurous side and go for it. 

  1. Try Something You Never Thought Possible

Even the most confident people in the world have one mental hurdle that seems too tall to clear. But the feats that seem impossible are the ones most worthy of pursuit. Identify one thing that you feel lies beyond your capabilities and set your sights there. Ignore your apprehension, squash any feelings of doubt, and affirm that you are capable. Lastly, remember these wise words by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Instead of reserving the term “adventure” for once-in-a-lifetime activities, think of it as a lifestyle that you can pursue daily. You can find adventure anytime, anywhere. Start by trying these three ways to be adventurous at home and watch how exciting your life becomes. 

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