Start Planning Fun Family Road Trips With These Five Tips

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Outdoor Adventure

A family road trip is a unique and fun way to bond with your spouse and children. In spite of this, many parents may think twice or totally shun the idea of bringing their small children along on a trip. It is understandable as travelling with children can be a big challenge in and of itself. This challenge escalates into a whole new level if you go with younger children on a road trip.

A worried parent can think of so many things that can go wrong – car trouble, misbehaving kids or getting lost. Still, denying your family the experience of going on a road trip means missing out on an opportunity to create wonderful memories. Especially because a hassle-free road trip is totally possible by taking a few extra measures before you hit the road.

Thoroughly prepare your vehicle.

Safety is a top priority. Schedule your vehicle for a thorough and routine maintenance a few weeks before your trip. To have a seamless road trip, you’ll want to steer clear of vehicle trouble or potential accidents from lack of maintenance. Among other things, you’ll want to check your car brakes, lights and battery. It is also a must to check the engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Likewise, keeping a spare tire and an emergency toolkit can also give you peace of mind on the road.

Bring loads of patience.

In many ways, saying yes to a road trip means coming face-to-face with a number of potential inconveniences. Somehow, regardless of how much you prepare for it,  things such as horrible traffic and grumpy kids happen. Take refuge in the thought that even though certain situations are unavoidable, you can choose how you react to them. To maintain your patience and sanity, accept that unpleasant situations are simply part of the journey. If you choose be calm and positive throughout the trip, you will arrive at your destination with a happy mindset.

Aim for a fun journey.

You may be headed for a vacation destination but your fun moments can start the moment the car engine starts running. Make the most out of the long hours you will spend in the car by making it entertaining for everyone. You can prepare short games to keep the kids entertained. Road trips can also be a learning experience by telling some trivia or stories about the places you are passing.

Take frequent breaks.

Stopping occasionally to eat and rest is always a part of any road trip. You should, however, give more thought to breaks if you are travelling with small children. To keep the kids from becoming restless on a trip,  strive to make your break a truly relaxing one. Make it a point to stop in a place with food, restrooms and a park or playground. You may need to do prior research about your route to determine the interesting places you can stop to visit. Frequent  breaks on the road may mean longer travel time, but you won’t end up with an exhausted group of travels.

Pack smartly.

Smart packing means you avoid bringing too many items and don’t forget the essential items you can’t do without. Without overpacking you can be confident that your load carries just enough items to get you through your trip. Make sure you think about  medicines and a first-aid kit just in case you need them. This can be especially important if you have a toddler. Your luggage should also securely store important valuables and documents. Knowing the right items to pack will greatly lessen the anxiety of everyone on the trip.

Road trips can make your family travel escapades more exciting and adventurous. You may have to experience some discomforts but it will be worth it! Travel is always more about the journey rather than the destination.