Five Reasons Why I Wrote Dad Always Said (by Bill Hawkins)

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Inspiration

Being raised by my dad was special. Yes, because he was my dad, but also, because he imparted wisdom on me from the Greatest Generation. Over the decades, I began to realize more and more how invaluable it was being raised by a generation with values that just don’t exist in the same way anymore. So, Dad Always Said wasn’t just a nostalgic passion project for me. It was a way to honor my dad and the values that he stood for. 

Five Reasons Why I Wrote Dad Always Said 

An old photo of Bill Hawkins.

1. To Share a Glimpse into My Childhood 

The first reason I wrote this book is to simply let people know how blessed I was to have been raised by the parents I had. Both Sandy and I were raised by the Greatest Generation, and with that comes memories that have left a profound impact on our lives. 

One of my favorite memories is waking up to my dad saying, “rise and shine” every single morning. I didn’t always want to hear that when ignoring my alarm clock as a teenager, but as I got older, I learned this was his way of teaching me out to attack a new day with a great attitude. Now, I wake up and think to myself “rise and shine”! And I’m reminded that I’m blessed to enjoy another amazing day! 

Not only does Dad Always Said have quotes from my father, but it’s packed with stories like this from my childhood. I have always believed that stories change lives, so my hope is that a glimpse into my childhood inspires those who read it. 

2. Because My Dad Always Had the Right Thing to Say 

Secondly, I wanted to let people know how my father possessed uncommon common sense. The way he expressed himself was amazing and he “always” had the right thing to say. I’m so grateful that I jotted down his words of wisdom and kept it all these years. I still learn lessons by remembering everything that Dad Always Said. 😉 

An old picture of Bill Hawkin's Dad in a U.S. Navy uniform.

3. To Show What It Was Like to Be Raised by Greatest Generation 

The third reason I wrote this book was to give people of all generations an idea of what it was like to grow up in the ’50s and ’60s and to have been raised by the Greatest Generation. The values this generation stood by, like integrity, personal responsibility, work ethic just to name a few, are values that I believe should carry on into future generations. 

4. To Encourage the Greatest Generation Kind of Thinking 

I believe that if people would think and act like the generation, the world would be a much better place.  

Investopedia™ lists these key takeaways regarding this generation

  • The Greatest Generation commonly refers to those Americans who were born in the 1900s through the 1920s. 
  • The Greatest Generation members all lived through the Great Depression and many of them fought in World War II. 
  • These individuals have often been described as driven, patriotic, and team-players. 

My father embodied what it meant to be a part of this generation. And my book, Dad Always Said, was written to share this way of life with others. 

5. To Influence Generations to Come 

Lastly, by sharing these values, I hope to influence and inspire people to emulate a generation that was called “the greatest.” John Maxwell© says of my book that, “Dad Always Said proves that good advice is timeless.” So even if this book only has a fraction of timeless advice and wisdom from this great generation, I’m confident that reading it will create a ripple effect to impact generations to come. 

Learn more about my book, Dad Always Said!

Front cover of Bill Hawkin's book, "Dad Always Said."
John Maxwell's endorsement of Bill Hawkin's book, "Dad Always Said."
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