How Reading Can Help You Lead a Better Life

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Literature, Self-Improvement

Reading may be a beloved pastime, but it can make your life better in ways you may not realize. You have probably heard the expression, “those who lead, read,” but it really is true. Some of the most successful people in the world attribute at least part of their success to how much they read

There are plenty of reasons to pick up a good book, but improving your mind and body should make you want to run to your nearest library. Here’s why reading is the best way to spend your free time. 


There are reasons why good readers are highly intelligent. By reading, you increase your vocabulary, even if you don’t notice. Sure, you’re physically seeing more words in front of you, but as JRE library points out, seeing the words in context helps us use the words properly. 

Reading can also improve analytical thinking skills. Have you ever been able to guess the ending of a mystery novel before you get there? Because you have read things like this before, you were able to notice clues and draw conclusions on your own – a skill that translates to any aspect of your life. 

Your memory and recall abilities improve as you create new memories. You’re retaining characters, plotlines, and other aspects of the book at the same time, and your brain is connecting neurons and synapses. In other words, you’re putting your brain through an intense workout and it’s creating new muscles as well as strengthening old ones. Maybe it’s time to take your mind to the brain gym, also known as the library. 

Mental and Physical Health 

Reading can influence both your mental and physical health. Research finds that just opening a book can help reduce stress levels by more than 68%, and it works faster than most relaxation methods. When you’re reading, your brain is active and you are able to immerse yourself easier than if you were a passive participant, like when you are listening to music or watching television. 

It has also been proven that reading can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to a study conducted by the JAMA network, being mentally active can significantly help prevent the brain from developing these diseases. 

Having trouble sleeping at night? Concentrating on a book instead of a screen helps you to disconnect from the stresses around you. You will be more relaxed and find yourself sleeping easier and deeper. This is a proven fact, and successful people are big fans of this nighttime routine


After you spend hours and hours doing anything, you eventually become knowledgeable on the subject. The same can be said for reading. The more you read, the easier it becomes to point out flaws and critique the stuff you end up consuming. You might even find yourself starting to become a critic. 

Eventually you might be inspired to pick up the pen and paper yourself. Writing your own ideas on paper is an incredibly liberating experience. Most writers continue to read, however… even accomplished writers like Stephen King, who says he still finds time to read about 80 books a year. 

Reading Is Power 

There are tons of reasons to get lost in a good book. Reading exposes you to new experiences, explains big concepts, and takes you on adventures that exceed your wildest expectations. People who read often live fuller lives, so what’s stopping you? Get out there and find your new favorite book. 

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