Life Lessons Learned from Fishing

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Outdoor Adventure

Fishing is and always has been a cherished pastime for generations of outdoorsmen. For years, fishing was an essential job that brought food to the table. Today it’s still an essential job, but for most, it’s a favorite recreational activity.  

In fact, according to, fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States, behind only running and jogging. It also proved a popular option in 2020, as fishing is easy to do while remaining socially distanced. 

Fishing not only provides a stress relief and an excuse to get outdoors and experience nature, but it also teaches incredibly valuable life lessons. Curious as to what you can gain from picking up a fishing pole and heading out to your favorite fishing hole? We’ve got you covered.  


One of the greatest lessons we can learn from fishing is patience—and if you want to catch fish, you’re going to need a good amount. A lot of your time will be spent waiting around for a fish to take the bait. The trick is being okay with that. (They call it “fishing” and not “catching” for a reason.) 

Peace and tranquility can come with sitting on or by a body of water, simply by enjoying the space. Sure, it’s exhilarating and rewarding when you finally get a fish to bite, but that only makes up a miniscule amount of the time spent fishing.  

This can be difficult, especially because our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter according to Time Magazine.

 Fishing is a great way to help you work on this skill and expand your attention span. 

The excitement of finally catching that fish will make the waiting time worth it in the end. But sometimes, it’s nice to experience true peace while waiting for your fish to come to you. 


Imagine you have been fishing for a few hours in your favorite spot. You finally feel your line go tight and you begin the battle of a lifetime. You can feel the weight of your prize fish as it struggles against you while reeling him in. You manage to get the fish all the way up the line and then SNAP! It breaks free, never to be seen again. Every fisherman has a story like this, and they will all tell you how much it hurts. 

Dealing with disappointment is a part of the fishing experience. Whether it’s losing the fish you just snagged, or perhaps you managed to reel the fish all the way in only to discover it is only a meager 1/2-pound guppy, there is always going to be a new way to feel disappointed no matter what you do. This is just as true in life as it is in fishing. It all depends on what you do with what you’re given. 


Disappointment is always something we deal with in our lives, but it’s how we persevere past the disappointment that leads us to even greater accomplishments. This is as true in fishing as it is anywhere else. After you lose “the big one” and get over the disappointment, the next step is to get back out there and keep trying. 

Fish not biting at your hook? It’s time to try a new kind of bait, or maybe a new lure. Fish still aren’t biting? Perhaps it’s time to try a new spot altogether. Check out websites like to find all the best spots near you. There’s always going to be new options to try, and new places to go. You only really lose when you decide to quit.  

Find Your Fishing Preference 

No matter how you do it, fishing will teach you lessons that will help you in your everyday life. Whether you prefer fly-fishing, boat fishing, deep sea fishing, or just fishing off the end of a dock, you are bound to have an enjoyable experience. Get out there and catch your dream fish today! 

Ready to take your whole family on an adventure outdoors? Check out this blog  for advice on making your next family adventure hassle-free! 

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