One of the most important parts of being an effective leader is being a great mentor. For Bill Hawkins, mentorship is a primary focus of his business. Without the great mentorship that he received when he was coming up, he’s quite certain he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Fortunately, when Bill was growing up, he had a strong father who taught him everything he knew. As far as role models go, Bill’s father was extraordinary. If ever Bill was down in the dumps about something, his father used to say to him, “Cheer up, son. The first hundred years are the hardest.”

It’s that same wry, witty sense of humor that Bill has carried with him and passed down to the people that he mentors to this day. He’s fond of saying now that he’s “99.99999% happy…all the time.” 

That happiness is, without a doubt, extremely contagious. The people that Bill Hawkins decides to take under his wing and mentor truly enjoy his infectious sense of humor and his warmth of spirit.

His approachability and down-to-earth nature make him an ideal coach, mentor, and leader. When Bill is rooting for you, you feel as though there’s not much you can’t do.

Mentorship, for Bill, is a great responsibility—and one he doesn’t take lightly, to be sure. He views it as an integral part of his job to help others. Because he was afforded so many wonderful opportunities thanks to the mentors he had, he feels a certain sense of obligation to pay it forward to the next generation.

Beyond seeing mentorship as a duty, he really feels that it’s a pleasure to be able to impart some of the wisdom that he’s gained over the years to younger people who are just starting out. He truly understands the struggles that they’re going through: not only because he’s a naturally empathetic person, but also because he’s been there before.

Bill knows what it is to scrimp and save and still not have quite enough to live on. He lived in “The Pit” and drove a car that barely functioned for years. Still, he felt lucky for all of the privileges he had, and he’s grateful for the lessons that he picked up on his journey. Though he’s incredibly successful now and the days of “The Pit” are far behind him, that connection to his past allows him to be a more effective teacher, a better leader, and an excellent mentor.

Outdoor Adventures

Now that he’s a proud grandfather, there’s nothing Bill Hawkins loves more than spending quality family time at the lake with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He’s always been an adventurous person who delights in connecting with nature, and he feels blessed to be able to share that love with his entire family as well as with all of his friends. One of his greatest joys in life is being outdoors, and he’s tried hard (and succeeded) in imparting that joy to his children and now to his grandchildren.

Whenever the whole Hawkins crew gets together, you can be sure that some sort of outdoor adventure will be the focus of their days.

Expressly for that purpose, Bill built a lake home in central Minnesota where the whole family can gather and stay and adventure in the wide-open wilderness.

Bill is an avid fisher, hunter, and snowmobiler, so having a lakefront property where it’s delightfully warm in the summer and snows in the winter is ideal. He can spend hours on end fishing practically in his backyard during the warmer months, and when it snows, he can take the whole family snowmobiling around his vast property.

As far as hunting goes, Bill doesn’t have to travel far to find and hunt prime game during hunting season. All he has to do is to explore the dense woods around his secluded Minnesotan lake house. The lake house is truly any outdoorsman’s dream, and it’s comfortable enough for even those who aren’t huge fans of roughing it to have a great time. It has all of the modern amenities necessary to make just about anyone feel at home.

Bill loves being able to share these joys with his family and friends. He knows that if he hadn’t worked so hard and had so many great people on his team, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same levels of comfort and excitement he experiences now. Each and every day, he’s grateful for the journey that’s led him to this point in his life where he gets to spend his days soaking in all that nature has to offer.

Public Speaking

As an English teacher, Bill Hawkins quickly developed the skills it took to speak in front of large groups of people. For anyone who’s been in a classroom setting, you know how intimidating it can be to stand up in front of room full of children—of any age. It takes courage and sticktoitiveness to be able to mold young minds, especially when you’re young yourself.

Fresh out of school himself, Bill Hawkins set out to be an English teacher because of his true passion for the English language and for reading and writing. Sadly, as most people know, teachers don’t get their due when it comes to salary. Bill and his wife, Sandy, wanted a life that his paycheck just couldn’t quite keep up with.

That’s when he decided to pursue a career path that would not only allow him to live that kind of lifestyle, but also would let him fulfill his dreams of writing books. At the moment, he’s working on a memoir about his father’s experience fighting in World War II.

As far as public speaking goes, he hasn’t given up on that aspect of his life that he picked up while teaching. In fact, he’s gone from addressing classrooms packed with twenty-five students to filling veritable stadiums with people he can inspire with his message.

In his speeches, he loves to share the wisdom that’s been imparted to him by his mentors, his father, and by his own life experiences. A very happy-go-lucky kind of guy, Bill Hawkins has a particular smile to his voice, a contagious quality that spills out into the audience. When he’s on stage, he appears as cool as a cucumber and as effortless as the sun setting in the west.

Of course, he hasn’t always been so footloose and fancy-free. Just like anyone else, he had nervous misgivings to overcome. But, because he had a deep determination to share his positive message with the world, he pushed those fears to the side and let his fervor do the talking. You see, when you’re passionate about something, nothing can keep you from spreading the word. Not even stage fright.

Since he’s gained so many insights along the way and picked up so many useful tricks for getting over nervousness when speaking publicly, Bill now works with others to overcome their fears and to have their voices heard. As a part of his mentoring, he makes it a goal to help his mentees find and develop their stride when it comes to public speaking. He believes that if he could learn to get over his fear of speaking to large crowds, just about anyone can.


Thanks to his business which allows him to have financial freedom as well as extensive free time, Bill Hawkins has been able to travel the world with his wife and family. They’ve gone on exclusive trips to private islands and have jet-setted to countless amazing destinations across the globe.

Because of Bill and Sandy Hawkins’s ability to devote their time and resources to their passions, the family have taken trips to see so many of the greatest wonders of the world. They’ve set foot on just about every continent, and they’ve been back and forth to Europe several times, often with the whole family—and many times just with each other. Bill and Sandy love to try new things and discover new places to fall in love with.

Bill Hawkins is a huge fan of saying, “People make over 2,500 choices each day. What will you choose to do with your time?” With his time, he has elected to focus on learning about other cultures and experiencing firsthand what the world has to offer.

He’s sure that if he hadn’t made the choices that he did back in the day when he was first building his business, he wouldn’t be able to have all of these incredible experiences—and worse yet, he wouldn’t have been able to share those unique moments with his wife and kids.

Traveling the globe together as a family has brought the whole Hawkins crew closer over the years than any other activity. As soon as they step out of their comfort zones, they have the opportunity to be more forthright and honest with one another. They feel freer to express who they are, and that kind of freedom always brings families together.

Does Bill Hawkins ever intend to quit exploring the world? Not a chance. His passion for exploration knows no bounds. He would hop on a plane to Peru faster than you can say, “Machu Picchu,” and he’s no stranger to planning last-minute trips around the world. He’s an adventurous man with an open spirit and a love of life to match.