How Reading Fiction Can Transform Your Life

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Literature, Self-Improvement

There’s no better way to transport yourself into another world than through the pages of a good book. While reading nonfiction books is great for learning, research, and entertainment, there are so many benefits of reading fiction.  

We know it sounds far-fetched but reading fiction can transform your leadership skills and help you become a more capable person in the process. Here are a few benefits that result from reading fiction. 

Be a better decision maker.

Fiction can help give you a better grasp on concepts that are difficult to understand without you having experienced them yourself. When it comes to decision making, knowing as much about the situation from every perspective can help immensely

Michael Benveniste, an English professor from the University of Puget Sound, claims, “Reading fiction can give you insights that help you work beyond logic. In situations that may be colored by emotion or past experience, it helps you cultivate qualitative reasoning.” When making decisions, it’s best to have all perspectives in mind, and fiction gives you a way of achieving that, even when it feels impossible. 

Become more empathetic.

When you read a good story, you connect to the characters and their plights on a personal level. When something sad happens in the story, it is normal to experience sadness, even if you know that none of the events actually took place. 

Studies show that this is because reading fiction can give you a greater sense of empathy, which is an increasingly valuable trait. By having more empathy, you can better understand the problems and concerns of the people in your own life. 

Increase your creativity.

By reading more stories, you’ll find yourself becoming familiar with the intentions and creative decisions taken by authors. This can inspire you to become more creative yourself, which is great because every single innovation the world has ever seen has been born out of a creative spark. 

As we grow older, it can be difficult to remember to use our imagination. Fiction ignites our creativity and encourages us to be more vulnerable. In his book On Writing, acclaimed author Stephen King says, “The real importance of reading is that it creates an ease and intimacy with the process of writing … Constant reading will pull you into a place… where you can write eagerly and without self-consciousness.” Even masters of creativity turn to reading for inspiration. 

Go on a reading adventure.

When was the last time you showed your local library some love? Libraries are a gateway into the world of fiction, and they offer amazing opportunities for families young and old. Most libraries offer summer programs for kids while they are out of school, access to the internet for those who need it, classes for the community, and even events for kids to get engaged in reading. Do you need even more reasons to check out your local library? Try this list for some motivation. 

Reading has enormous benefits, whether it’s for fun, work, or stress relief. We will always need worlds to escape to when we’re feeling overwhelmed by our own. When we’re finished with a good book, we return ready to take on life with renewed inspiration. Reading fiction is a way to make ourselves better, and it can be done from the comfort of our own homes, or you can take those adventures out into the world. 

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