Creating a New Year Vision Board 

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Inspiration, Self-Improvement

As 2023 comes to an end and we look forward to 2024, we’re faced with the question, “What will I accomplish in the new year?” We all have aspirations and dreams, and as the new year approaches, those dreams move to the forefront of our minds. Make the most of the motivation that comes with this time of year and create a new year vision board! 

Clarify your values, mission, and vision. 

The first step to creating a new year vision board is to get clear on your mission and vision while making sure that they still align with your core life values. It’s important to do a check-in to kick off this process to ensure that your values remain at the core of your future goals and plans. 

Three wooden signs read “What’s your why?” on a teal background.

Remember your “why.” 

Your “why” is the reason you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. You knew you were meant for something more, and you envisioned a very specific life for yourself and your family. This is your “why,” and it’s important that you keep it in mind. This is why creating a new year vision board is valuable! It helps you visualize your mission, vision, values, AND your “why!” 

Brainstorm and gather your materials. 

Now it’s time to brainstorm. Write down the words and images that you want to include on your vision board. Here are some examples: 

  • Adventure 
  • Travel 
  • Family 
  • Love 
  • Laughter 

These are just words that will help inspire you as you look for images to include on your board. Feel free to get specific too! Do you envision traveling to a specific place in 2024? Is there a big goal that you’re after? Write those down too! 

Once you’ve done a brainstorm session for yourself, gather some materials like magazines, family photos, or even Google™ search images that you’ve printed out. And lastly, get a poster board from your local office or craft supply store. 

Various crafting supplies on a desk.

Create your new year vision board. 

It’s arts and crafts time! You’ve done the prep work, so now it’s time for the fun part: Creating your vision board. Find words and images from magazines that inspire you. Again, using the internet is a great place to find images for your specific goals and visions. Use your posterboard as a base and begin gluing your images and words to it.  

You can spend as much or as little time as you want with this. If getting creative brings you joy, take your time with it to make it how you want it! Or simply glue everything together and call it a day. 😊  

Put it where you can see it! 

Keep your dreams in front of you by putting your vision board where you can see it! Whether it’s in your home office, in your bedroom, or even in the kitchen, place it somewhere you’ll see it often.  

Another fun idea is to create a digital vision board making it your screensaver on your computer and phone! Here’s how to create your own digital vision board

Wooden Scrabble™ style tiles spell the words, “Mission” and “Vision.”

Make your new year vision board a reality board! 

A vision board is just a vision if you don’t follow through. Create goals that align with your dreams, make a plan, and make it happen in 2024! 

If part of your future dreams and goals involve big changes, head to our blog on “Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Major Life Change” for guidance.