Best Places to Fish in Minnesota

by | May 4, 2022 | Outdoor Adventure

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best destinations in the United States to … you guessed it… fish. Fishing has many benefits both physically and mentally. Even just getting outside and enjoying nature can reduce your overall stress levels.  

Enthusiasts from all around the world flock to the state every year due to the number of fishable bodies of water, and the different of species of fish found (over 162!). With all those lakes, rivers, and streams to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. These are our picks for the best fishing holes in all of Minnesota. 

A photo of Lake Millie Lacs in Minnesota from the shore.
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Lake Millie Lacs

Located in the middle portion of the state and spanning 132,000 acres, Lake Mille Lacs is the second largest lake in Minnesota. There are several types of fish to catch in the lake, including both small and large mouth bass, jumbo perch, muskie, and even northern pike, but the best fishing by far comes from the plentiful amount of walleye waiting to take your bait. 

You can fish from the shore, and there are plenty of boat launches that provide easy access to the water. The fishing isn’t restricted to the spring and summer months either, as the lake is one of the best destinations for ice fishing. Mille Lacs Lake isn’t very deep, so the water achieves a full ice-over, sometimes reaching a solid 3 feet of ice in December! No matter how you like to fish, there’s something for everyone. 

A view of Lake Bemidji in Minnesota from the shore.
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Lake Bemidji

Another great destination for ice fishing, Lake Bemidji is a popular spot for those looking to catch some winners late in the season. Bemidji is a medium-sized lake for Minnesota, at about 6,000 acres, but it provides a lot of benefits for fishermen looking for that last minute walleye. Because of its size and location in northwest Minnesota, there are plenty of fish that make their way into the lake year-round. Here you will find yellow perch, muskie, northern pike, largemouth bass, in addition to those always-sought-after walleye. 

There are plenty of places along the shore for fishermen to swing by when they need a break from the boat. Try the local golf course at the Bemidji Town & Country Club, or if you really want an interesting side adventure, try the Lake Bemidji sculpture walk

Need some advice on which bait to use when fishing in Lake Bemidji? Check out this helpful website. 

A photo of Root River in Minnesota.
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Root River

If you are more interested in the prospect of fly fishing, then Root River is the place to go (more specifically, the southern part of the 80-mile-long river in the southeastern part of the state). The river consists of mostly rainwater and melted snow, making it perfect for the several types of fish that call it home. 

In Root River you will find brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout in several pools and slow spots along the riverbanks. Looking for a good spot to enter the river and do some floating to the perfect spot? Try anywhere inside the beautiful Forestville State Park. This Park has over 3 miles of river access, so finding your favorite point to enter the river should be a breeze. 

Tackle the day!

Minnesota is an incredibly beautiful state with some amazing areas to enjoy the peace and tranquility that only fishing can bring. Even better, Minnesota has all four seasons to enjoy a good fishing trip any time of year. What’s stopping you from catching the subject of your next great fishing story? 

Fishing has taught us lessons that we’ve implemented into our life and business. Learn all about them, here!

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