Three Tips To Help You Stay Safe While Traveling

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Travel

Traveling is an adventurous occasion that is filled with joy, wonder, and fun. But with those positives also comes a bit of risk. Going to places we’ve never been before requires us to be on guard. Although we want to embrace the full experience of traveling, we still must be mindful of our safety. However, it is possible to do both. Here are three tips to help you stay safe while traveling.     

1. Secure Your Bags

Tether Them: To ensure no one snatches your bag while you’re not paying attention, try tethering it to yourself (or the chair you’re sitting on). Any type of simple strap will do. Just make sure it’s visible, so it’s a deterrent. The point is to ward off thieves, not to have them try to take your bag and accidentally take you too. 

Use Locks/Twist Tie: Buy a combination lock for your bags if you plan to leave them somewhere. You can even buy a combination bike lock and loop all your bags together, making them too heavy to steal without being noticed. 

Garbage bag twist ties are an alternative to luggage locks that also deter thieves. If you twist your bag’s zipper pulls together, they take too much time to undo, essentially making your bag an annoying target. 

2. Stay Alert In Case of Emergency

While traveling, it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. While you’re out having fun, be sure to make mental notes of your surroundings. Memorable landmarks, street names, and even cardinal directions can be life-saving information, if you need to report your whereabouts to emergency personnel. If you are in a foreign country, learn how to ask for help in the native language, before traveling. If the emergency numbers are different, make sure you know those ahead of time too.  

3. Place Items on the Front of Your Body 

When walking through high traffic tourist areas, it’s easy for thieves and pickpockets to grab your belongings without you even noticing. To prevent the likelihood of this occurring, place your items on the front of your body where you can see them. Instead of putting your wallet in your back pocket, try putting it in your front pocket. Even better, stick to wearing clothes with zippered pockets or interior jacket pockets for extra security. If you plan to carry a purse or bag, strap it across your body and hold onto it, making it much harder to grab.

Travel tips like these can make your trip more enjoyable by helping you be prepared. While we hope to avoid emergencies, it’s always best to plan ahead. When booking your next trip, keep these three safety tips in tow and rest assured that you’ll have all the bases covered.