Three Reasons to Attend a Public Speaking Event

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Public Speaking

We all get to a point in life where we need the support of others. Sometimes that help may need to come from outside our inner circle and require the aid of a stranger. This is where public speaking events can fill a gap. Here are three reasons you should attend a public speaking event. 

1. Motivation

Encouragement goes a long way when you feel unmotivated. When you fall on tough times, it’s not always easy to bounce back. If you feel in a rut, out of ideas, or unhappy about recent misfortunes, try attending an inspiring public speaking event to get back on course. Sometimes all you need is an extra push to reignite the fire you had prior to your tough luck. Often times speakers are trained to motivate and be persuasive. Not only will they encourage you to get started, but they will give you practical step-by-step instructions to help you be successful.

2. Networking

There’s an old adage that accurately conveys how best to progress in a career: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Networking is a tool everyone should master because it has the potential to benefit you long term. Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity, a mentor to guide you through your startup, or a few friends in your industry, networking is the way to build those connections. To make the best use of this tip, seek out speaking engagements that relate to your target career field. Before and after your chosen public speaking events, mingle with fellow attendees (and even introduce yourself to the speaker) to make as many meaningful connections as possible with people in your field and over time you may start to see familiar faces. Let relationships grow organically, but don’t be afraid to set up an informal business lunch with the people you feel have the most to offer.

3. Challenging

There is a multitude of different opinions and perspectives that exist in the world. Often times what one person perceives as factual is not as factual to the next. Consequently, it’s imperative that we get out of our comfort zones and challenge what we believe we already know. Take some time out of your week and attend an event with a speaker who sees things differently than you. Yes, it will be uncomfortable. But, it will inform you of the perspectives you hadn’t considered. The experience may teach you to humanize others before rushing toward your own views. You may even realize that you have more in common with your opposite than you thought. 

There are many ways to improve your life; one way is intentional action. By attending a public speaking event, you are making a conscious choice to grow as a person, and that’s an admirable act. You may walk away from a public speaking event feeling motivated. You may leave with a new mentor. You may even depart with a new perspective on people as a whole. Whatever the case may be, you’re guaranteed to walk away better, and that’s the magic of public speaking.