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Every Day Makes A Difference

Bill and Sandy Hawkins have spent their lives living intentionally. From a young age, they both have believed that no matter what situation you come from, your life is what you make it. Each moment and each decision you live through will affect your future. These choices can influence your life for the better of you and society if you have your heart set on making a difference.

Our Life and Interests

What Recharges You?

Through the years, Bill and Sandy have learned the importance of balance in their lives as entrepreneurs. Leading by example empowers and motivates them. They are also fueled by indulging in the arts and nature.

When the Hawkins are not impacting others in their business, they are stretching their creativity through reading and music of the 60’s and 70’s. When weather permits, they step outside for the pleasures of the water: fishing. All the while crafting their ideal legacy for their friends and family.

Our Life and Interests

Lead By Example

Show the world how it’s done, and work toward building up those around you. The results will be significant. Good leaders know how to achieve greatness, but the best leaders show you how to do it.

Wit and Wisdom from the Greatest Generation

Dad Always Said

Dad Always Said is a story of Grant Hawkins through the eyes of his Son, Bill. As a World War II veteran, a husband, a father, and a lifelong business owner, he was a “sayings guy.” Bill captured the many life lessons he learned from his dad, who always had the right thing to say, and compiled them in this book for all to enjoy!

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